Baby Baked New Potatoes with Crème Fraiche, Dill, Vegan Caviar, Red Onion and Crushed Crisps  

New potatoes and dill… need I say more? The only thing that can make it even better is the addition of crème fraiche, caviar, finely chopped onion and some crisps. Is there anything more summery than these flavors? Nope! At least I can’t come up with anything that I associate more with summer… okay, fresh strawberries and milk makes it a draw but other than that I can’t think of nothing.

This is classical flavors my way. The baked potatoe gets a crispy skin and the interior has that soft baked potato feeling. Don’t bother peeling the potatoes, it would ruin the finished result, instead just give them a quick scrub and a rinse under cold water and you’re good to go. The dill oil just makes it so fresh and herby and dill and potatoes are best buds so why not take advantage of that great friendship? Don’t forget to save some delicate sprigs of dill for garnish because the presentation is important! You eat both with our moth, eyes, nose and ears so make the dish pleasant for all of the senses and you will be amazed. The cold creme fraiche adds a nice savory touch and the cold vibe against the warm baked potatoes is just perfect. Top everything off with some caviar and crisps because it makes it ten times better and adds a nice saltiness. I used country style crisps with sour cream flavor, but the salted variety would do a great job if you’re more that kind of person. Just make sure not to use the crinkle-cut-ones with bbq-flavor, smoked paprika or bacon. Caviar makes for a luxurious presentation and I love when those small pearls pop in the moth. Vegan caviar almost taste like the real deal but its sustainable and a great alternative for those who are allergic to fish. If you for some reason want a fishy roe I would recommend the caviar from whitefish (Swedish sikrim); it tastes expensive but isn’t. But please do not dismiss the vegan version because it’s delicious.

This dish is perfect as a starter or accompanied by other small dishes at a buffet. Or why not make it a nice light summer lunch served under the sunshade in the backyard. I will for sure serve them as one of many small dishes for Midsummer. And it doesn’t take up a whole lot of time;  the potatoes will do just fine in the oven of their own (just give them a quick toss every 15th minutes) other than that it’s just to finely dice an onion and mix up the dill oil and that just takes a few minutes.

And as a happy coincidence this will be my contribution to Månadens Gröna which has new potatoes as the theme of June. Tag along if you have a nice new potatoes recipe at store. You will find more information of how to participate on Vegokäk which is driven by Annie. By the way… this month she cooks up a new potato pizza with dill aioli which seems pretty nice, so head over to her blog for more inspiration.

Happy Midsummer everyone!!! I hope we’ll be fortuned with sunny weather, but the mandatory rain shower will probably strike some time in the afternoon. Honestly is there really Midsummer without rain? Nevertheless its holiday and most of us will be of from work and that’s always great 🙂


Baby Baked New Potatoes with Crème Fraiche, Dill, Vegan Caviar, Red Onion and Crushed Crisps – 4-6 Servings

This is a super summery dish which is perfect for lunch or as a starter. It’s also a great way to use up new potatoes in a creative but oh so tasty way. Try it – you won’t be disappointed.


500 g new potatoes (12 golf ball sized ones)
Neutral oil

30 g dill (1 bunch)
50 g neutral oil (approx. ½ dl) or more for a runnier consistency

200 g crème fraiche (2 dl/1 package)
80 g vegan caviar (1 package)
100 g chips (½ bag)
150 g red onion (1 piece)
Sprigs of dill

Oven: 200 °C


Lightly scrub the potatoes and give them a rinse under cold water to get rid of the soil. Place the potatoes in a non stick oven-proof dish or place some parchment paper on a tray. Sprinkle with a glug of oil and a pinch of salt and bake in the oven for 45-60 minutes or until crisp and golden on the outside and soft on the inside (use a toothpick to see if they’re done). Give them a toss every 15th minutes to get and even coloring.

Add dill and oil to a bowl (make use of the dill stalks as well) and use a hand blender to mix it till a smooth consistency (a bit runnier than pesto). Add more oil if you prefer a runnier texture.

Peel and finely chop the red onion. Crush the crisps in your hands so you end up with quite big pieces. Place a spoon of crème fraiche on each plate and add some dill oil. Make a marbling effect by slightly mixing the oil into the crème fraiche. Add 2-3 potatoes for a starter portion or serve all of them on a big tray – buffet style. Add the vegan caviar, some more crème fraiche, the finely diced onion, the crushed crisps and a few sprigs of dill.






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