The New Face of Tingling Taste – We Celebrate with Pancakes

The time has come! It’s finally here – the relaunch of Tingling Taste (♪♫ fanfare ♪♫)! I or maybe I should say we, because now Stefan has joined me in the blog world, are very excited to run this site together. There are many ideas in the pipe and much new food to explore. So please join us on in this food journey.

As some of you may notice, some time has passed since my last post. This has however nothing to do with lazyness on our part. We have redesigned the blog and it’s now written in English. We have our own domain name, a newly  created company, a redesigned fancier logo and we have also created a Facebook page and an Instagram account. This has taken up all of our spare time for the last months. But from now on we will continue to publish more content covering great tasting recipes, interesting facts about food and a whole bunch of other things related to what we put in our mouths!

To celebrate the relaunch we cooked up a big stack of pancakes with a whole bunch of different toppings. I don’t know which topping I like the most but one of my top favorites includes figs, chèvre, baby spinach and honey. It feels a bit more luxurious than the regular jam and whipped cream topping (even though it’s super yummy and something you can’t get bored of). A recipe is redundant in this case; you just cut some figs into wedges and slice/crumble the chèvre. Put them on top of freshly made, crispy, pancakes and add a handful or two of baby spinach. And don’t forget the mandatory drizzle of runny honey, that works so well with the cheese, and a pinch of sea salt.

So very much welcome to the new Tingling Taste! Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook and joining us on Instagram. Also remember to share the posts you like and give us feedback in the comments section!

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