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Huevos Rancheros

When I tried Huevos Rencheros for the first time it really blew my mind. It’s crazy delicious, and super duper mega yummy! I could easily eat a whole bunch of these, but I have to admit that both I and Stefan were a bit skeptical before we tried them out for the first time. Luckily […]


Chicken Wrap in Our New House

I do really love our new house even though it´s a bit messy at the moment. The kitchen is AMAZING, I can´t believe how I endured our old crowded, old-fashioned kitchen with back-pain-low-countertops, sluggish drawers and no dishwasher for so many years with only the occasional psychiatric breakdown =P This kitchen has everything I want. [&hellip…


Cheat’s Peking Duck in False Pancakes

It´s like an infirmary here and it has been so for several weeks. Luckily there is only I who am sick and complaining over sinusitis and head aches. But one sick person in the house is more than enough! Miraculously Stefan is doing fine and he doesn’t get sick even though we are hugging a […]