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Classic Pesto

I have probably said it before but it’s worth mentioning once again – homemade pesto is DIVINE! Make it! The store bought pesto is quite lame in comparison. The D.I.Y. pesto is just bursting with fresh flavors from basil olive oil, Parmesan and pine nuts. The jared (this word is probably non-existing but it means […]


Mushroom, Pine Nut and Chèvre Burger with Pesto Mayo

Burgers!!! Need I say more? The last couple of years burger hankering never seems to cease. And it´s still an obvious choice for many of us. It´s quite amazing how a beef or beef like thing tucked in between two slices of bread managed to be so popular. Luckily there is a flurry of burgers […]


The 1st Post – Sourdough Baguettes with Wild Garlic Pesto, Salami and Brie

I’m super-duper-mega excited!!! Now is the time for me to finally publish my first post. I have been thinking and fantasizing over what to write but I’ve decided to keep things simple; no frills, no fancy garnishes, and no time consuming labor in front of the stove. I promise to give you all of that […]

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