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Pancake Day!!! Gluten- and Lactose Free Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday! Pancake Day! Semmel Day! Yep, there will be a lot of celebrating today at least for some of us. We will actually only praise the pancake since none of us embraces Christianity and none of us are a fan of semlor (a cream and almond paste filled bun flavored with cardamom, sometimes served […]


The New Face of Tingling Taste – We Celebrate with Pancakes

The time has come! It’s finally here – the relaunch of Tingling Taste (♪♫ fanfare ♪♫)! I or maybe I should say we, because now Stefan has joined me in the blog world, are very excited to run this site together. There are many ideas in the pipe and much new food to explore. So […]


Cheat’s Peking Duck in False Pancakes

It´s like an infirmary here and it has been so for several weeks. Luckily there is only I who am sick and complaining over sinusitis and head aches. But one sick person in the house is more than enough! Miraculously Stefan is doing fine and he doesn’t get sick even though we are hugging a […]