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Homemade Chipotle Paste aka Chipotles in Adobo

Chipotles are dried smoked jalapenos bursting of flavors. The word chipotle actually means “smoked chili” in Nahuatl (an ancient Mexican language). To get chipotles you start off with ripe jalapenos, they should have turned red and be so ripe that they almost start to shrink and dry at the plant. When the jalapeno is harvested [&hell…


Chicken McFly i.e. Caesar Burger

Here comes another scrumptious burger! Since I can’t get enough of these buns filled with, beef, portabello, cheese, veggies and what not – I started the Burger of the Month series a while back. To see the previous burgers click on the recipe you wish to read down below and for today’s recipe just continue […]

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Teriyaki Burger

June has just passed by in a wink and it’s already the 25th. This does not only mean that June soon has come to an end but also that it’s time for a new burger. This time I took inspiration from Japan and cooked up a Teriyaki Burger. Oh, my mouth is watering just by […]


D.I.Y. Mayonnaise

Homemade Mayonnaise! When you’ve mastered how to make your own mayo there is a plethora of dressings, dips and sauces that you can whip up. Homemade mayonnaise will embellish the BBQ-season, the picnic or breakfast sandwich, the snack evenings (chips and dip will never be the same again), the taco and almost every conceivable meal. […]


Mushroom, Pine Nut and Chèvre Burger with Pesto Mayo

Burgers!!! Need I say more? The last couple of years burger hankering never seems to cease. And it´s still an obvious choice for many of us. It´s quite amazing how a beef or beef like thing tucked in between two slices of bread managed to be so popular. Luckily there is a flurry of burgers […]


Leftover Party with Fish and Seafood

I´m SUPERDUPER MEGA EXCITED!!! In just two days we will have the keys to our new house. And since there isn´t long until moving we throw together a little leftover party for our friend Cecilia and her little baby last weekend. Her son didn’t really participate in the eating because he is still too young […]