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Indian Lentil Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Stew

I’m not the kind of person that bails when it comes to trying new foods. Actually I love getting new food related experiences and enjoys trying new flavours and that’s why I sometimes challenge myself by cooking something I never tried before or something that I usually dislikes. This is one such dish – and […]


Turbo Thursday – Kale Cabbage Bacon Fry with Sunny Side up Eggs

So easy and so good! It’s astonishingly how such amazing flavors can arise from just a few ingredients. It’s quick, cheap, easy, healthy and foremost delicious. Let this kale, cabbage and bacon fry kick off a new blog post series – Turbo Thursday. It’s easy: 5 tasty recipes 1 new dish every Thursday in September [……


Teriyaki Burger

June has just passed by in a wink and it’s already the 25th. This does not only mean that June soon has come to an end but also that it’s time for a new burger. This time I took inspiration from Japan and cooked up a Teriyaki Burger. Oh, my mouth is watering just by […]