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White Chocolate Strawberry Truffles

Sorry! I’ve been kind of busy and just super tired the last months and I’m sad the blog has to suffer. I really do like blogging but the work has just been to overwhelming. This is one of the truffles that I made during the grand opening of Amazing Jewelry in December. First I made […]


Christmas Ham with Crispy Mustard Topping

When there is Christmas in Sweden we set the table with many small dishes. Some of them are mandatory in almost every family and others are swapped out from one year to another. Among the compulsory dishes there are herring, Janssons Temptation (a potato bake with anchovies) and Christmas ham with a crisp mustard topping. […]


The Ultimate Swedish Knäck, a Toffee Based Christmas Confectionery

So what exactly is an “Ultimate” recipe? No, it is not an annoying clickbait with hollow content. What I mean when I say “Ultimate” is that this recipe has been analyzed and matched with certain attributes that I want to achieve, adjusted according to food science principles, experimented on and finally blind tested and compared. […]