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Gianduja – Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle

This could be the best chocolate truffles ever! They are magic! Like you can’t stop eating magic! It’s impossible to resist these bites of milk chocolate covered hazelnut nougat with a sprinkle of sea salt. All of a sudden they’re all gone; and you’re probably having a stomach ace. But it’s kind of worth it [&hellip…


Homemade Nutella

The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate – it´s a match made in heaven! Pietro Ferrero must be the proudest confectionery maker ever lived. Just think of being able to flaunt with the title Nutella inventor. It was during the World War II, when chocolate was scarce, when he came up with the brilliant idea of […]


Italian Style Asparagus

This dish is the perfect starter for the spring. Yep, I said spring! The spring is here =) And now it´s time to indulge all the lovely spring vegetables which at least in my case will overflow the kitchen in the upcoming months. There is something special with the first primeurs for the season. They […]