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Chioggia Beet and Goats Cheese Carpaccio

I invited my family over and cooked up a 3-course dinner a normal, quite gloomy Monday a while back. Sometimes it’s nice embellishing a boring weekday by catching up with your family – especially if you haven’t seen them in a while and especially if there’s food involved. The dinner wasn’t super pretentious an I [&h…


The New Face of Tingling Taste – We Celebrate with Pancakes

The time has come! It’s finally here – the relaunch of Tingling Taste (♪♫ fanfare ♪♫)! I or maybe I should say we, because now Stefan has joined me in the blog world, are very excited to run this site together. There are many ideas in the pipe and much new food to explore. So […]


The Perfect Pizza

I think most of us, including me, are having pizza at least a few times a year. Ham, tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms with all due respect, but I just found out two toppings that will change everyone’s view on pizza, forever!!! It was last week when I, my family and my brothers’ girlfriend were at […]