Tag: Berries

Homemade Bacardi Breezer Blackberry

The inspiration for this drink comes from the alcopop Bacardi Breezer which comes in a wide range of flavors – or at least if you turn your face abroad, because here in Sweden there is only a handful options available. Since I was hankering for a fruity sparkling drink I thought I would give the […]


Buckwheat Waffles

Just a little notice! It’s the Waffle Day today and I hope you are celebrating it big time. Now days there are food holidays literally every single day. Some of them are dearer to us than others, and in our little family and in the major part of Sweden; the Waffle Day is one such. […]


Pancake Day!!! Gluten- and Lactose Free Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday! Pancake Day! Semmel Day! Yep, there will be a lot of celebrating today at least for some of us. We will actually only praise the pancake since none of us embraces Christianity and none of us are a fan of semlor (a cream and almond paste filled bun flavored with cardamom, sometimes served […]