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Turbo Thursday – Kale Cabbage Bacon Fry with Sunny Side up Eggs

So easy and so good! It’s astonishingly how such amazing flavors can arise from just a few ingredients. It’s quick, cheap, easy, healthy and foremost delicious. Let this kale, cabbage and bacon fry kick off a new blog post series – Turbo Thursday. It’s easy: 5 tasty recipes 1 new dish every Thursday in September [……


Chicken Wrap in Our New House

I do really love our new house even though it´s a bit messy at the moment. The kitchen is AMAZING, I can´t believe how I endured our old crowded, old-fashioned kitchen with back-pain-low-countertops, sluggish drawers and no dishwasher for so many years with only the occasional psychiatric breakdown =P This kitchen has everything I want. [&hellip…