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Turbo Thursday – Asian Soba Noodle Peanut Salad

Salad for dinner? Yep, you heard me…! But not any salad – it’s warm and comforting soba noodle salad with a spicy peanut butter dressing. i.e. Asian vibes! Incredibly tasty and healthy at the same time. Something else that makes this  bowl of crisp veggies and oozing noodles worth a try is the speedy cooking. […]


Teriyaki Burger

June has just passed by in a wink and it’s already the 25th. This does not only mean that June soon has come to an end but also that it’s time for a new burger. This time I took inspiration from Japan and cooked up a Teriyaki Burger. Oh, my mouth is watering just by […]


Cheat’s Peking Duck in False Pancakes

It´s like an infirmary here and it has been so for several weeks. Luckily there is only I who am sick and complaining over sinusitis and head aches. But one sick person in the house is more than enough! Miraculously Stefan is doing fine and he doesn’t get sick even though we are hugging a […]