Mushroom, Pine Nut and Chèvre Burger with Pesto Mayo

Burgers!!! Need I say more? The last couple of years burger hankering never seems to cease. And it´s still an obvious choice for many of us. It´s quite amazing how a beef or beef like thing tucked in between two slices of bread managed to be so popular. Luckily there is a flurry of burgers out there so it´s hard, or maybe impossible, to get bored. Who knows, maybe the secret of the burger conquering the world lies in the big variety.

Speaking of big variety; the burger we had for dinner last Friday was something beyond the normal meat beef patty hamburger. I cooked up a mushroom burger with chèvre, pine nuts and thyme served on ciabatta or sourdough bread with pesto mayo and vegetables. It was and still is so freaking divine!

I can come up with dozens of other explanations for the burger success. One is the fact that no plate, knife or fork is needed when consumed. Okay I might both need a disc and a pair of cutlery since I always over stuff mine with too much yummy fillings, but the intention is a hand held meal that could be consumed everywhere. Another reason for why the burger is concerning the world might be the perfect balance in textures and flavors. Not to mention all the endless variations of fillings, there is a burger for everyone!

Today, the 28th of May, it is the International Burger Day. A day that truly deserves to be celebrated. Me and Stefan on the other hand are celebrating the burger much more frequently than once a year. I could easily envision myself having burger once a week or at least once a month. Maybe both I and Stefan are suffering from burger abstinence. And in true burger spirit I hereby introduce a new blog series; The Burger of the Month. The last Saturday of each month, with start today and until new year, I will present a new luscious burger. Every single month. Plenty of burgers in other words! I hope you adore burgers just as much as we do. There will be classical and rethinked ones, sidedishes, dressings, breads and fitting drinks, but today I’m serving up a veggie burger that’s just to die for.

Mayonnaise pesto dressing.


Mushroom, Chèvre, Pine Nut Burger with Pesto Mayo – 8 Burgers

This burger will turn the most fanatic meat lover because it’s chewy and full of delicious flavors. The pesto mayonnaise just lifts this already amazing burger to a new level.


500 g mushrooms (champignons)
50 g pine nuts
200 g chèvre
50 bread crumbs
1 egg
1 tbsp dried thyme
Black pepper
Neutral oil

Pesto Mayo
175 g pesto
275 g mayonnaise
100 g creme fraiche
Black pepper

To serve
Red onion
Iceberg lettuce
8 buns or 8 slices of sourdough bread


Burger: Finley chop the mushrooms, make sure there is no dirt or soil on them before you start cutting. Heat up a pan with a tiny splash of oil and fry the mushrooms on high temperature until all the water has evaporated. Throw in the thyme and let cook for another minute. The mushrooms should be quite dry and take on a slight golden colour. Chop or crumble the Chèvre into small pieces. Combine the cheese, mushrooms, egg, breadcrumbs and nuts in a bowl. Add salt, black pepper and just a tiny pinch of cayenne. Add just a small amount of salt and have a taste, the cheese is quite salty and you do not want to oversalt the mixture. Let the blend set for about 10 minutes before shaping it into 8 quite thin burgers. Use lightly wet hands when forming the burgers, this will prevent the mixture from sticking to your palms and fingers. Turn each patty in panko so that both sides are covered. Shallow fry the burgers on medium heat in a good glug of neutural oil. Fry them a few minutes on each side or until crisp and golden.

Mayo: Combine pesto and mayonnaise in a bowl. If you are using homemade mayonnaise make sure to whisk in a small amount of the pesto at the time to keep the emulsion from splitting. I don’t think it’s quite critical to combine the pesto and mayo gently when using the store bought mayonnaise since it contains stabilisers, but honestly I have only made this dressing with homemade mayonnaise so I’m not sure how careful you have to be. When the pesto and mayo are combined stir in some creme fraiche and add salt and pepper to taste.

To serve: Toast the bread. Thinly slice the onion and tomatoes and rinse the salad. Smear some dressing on the bottom bread and place some lettuce, tomatoes and onion over. Use one or two patties per burger depending on how big your bread is or how hungry you are. Spread some pesto mayo on the top bread and tuck the two bread slizes together with all the good fillings in between.

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