Successful Party

This week has been extremly intense and super fun to live through. It’s not until now when I’m relaxing that I feel how tired I really am. Zombie alert with a big “Z” – that’s about how exhausted I am. The reason for my tiredness is Johan’s 50 year’s anniversary yesterday. I wasn’t partying, not at all actually, but I cooked the food for all the guests and that’s why I’m almost asleep even though the clock barley is 8 pm. It was so much fun creating the dishes, cooking all the food and then serve the 30 guests at the party. Seeing the creations in action and facing everyone’s appreciation is worth all the time and energy spent. “Spot on”, “exquisite”, “delicious”, “the best rhubarbs I’ve ever eaten”. I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful comments. And right now I’m just feeling so pleased and proud of myself. Even thought there might be some trifles that could have been better the overall dinner went pretty well =P

The recipes will eventually show up here at the blog.

Johan 50 år - Food
The starter contained of asparagus with an Italian twist. For main course there were entrecôte, with puy lentil salad, parmesan- and bean cream, panchetta, root vegetables, semi dried tomatoes and red wine sauce. And as Grand Finale I served rhubarb variation.
Johan 50 years - Drink
The drinks.

Now I’m heading for the bead! Good night sleep tight!

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