Homemade Bacardi Breezer Blackberry

The inspiration for this drink comes from the alcopop Bacardi Breezer which comes in a wide range of flavors – or at least if you turn your face abroad, because here in Sweden there is only a handful options available. Since I was hankering for a fruity sparkling drink I thought I would give the homemade Bacardi Breezer a try. Smart, right? Because then I can get whatever flavor I want. Said and done, it resulted in a super tasty and refreshing blackberry drink. I now realize that Bacardi already makes an alcopop with blackberries called Blackberry Crush (but as I mentioned, it’s not available in my hood).

The reason for why I like this kind of fruity drinks is because they are flavorful, thirst quenching, and contains just enough alcohol for my taste. I dislike drinks fueled with alcohol since I think the alcohol have a tendency to become too overpowering; it sort of masks all the other flavors and just leaves a raw alcohol flavor behind. But just the right amount of alcohol enriches a drink and gives a nice body. Or is it just me being sissy with a childish palate who can’t hold stronger things?

This drink may not have turned out to be a copy of the source of inspiration but it’s clearly a nice drink. My version is more rough, with a cloudy hint from the brambleberry purée. But I sort of like the robust feeling – because then you know there are real berries inside and you get a lot of that fresh berry taste.

I used lemon juice instead of citric acid which also gives the drink a different character. It’s not as acidic but has a lemony twist that works extremely well with the berries.

Now I’m just going to enjoy the last days of Swedish summer, maybe with a blackberry drink in my hand after work 🙂

This is my contribution to the blog challenge Månadens Gröna, which this month is about blackberries. Click here to read Åsas, this months host, post.



Homemade Bacardi Breezer Blackberry – 4 glasses


Blackberry syrup
150 g blackberry purée (mix 250 g blackberries with a hand blender and sieve through a fine mesh to get ride of all the pips)
25 g water
130 g caster sugar

60 g white rum (i.e. Bacardi Superior)
60 g lemon juice
225 g blackberry syrup
400 g seltzer water or club soda (neutral sparkling water)

4 lemon slices for garnish
Blackberries for garnish


Syrup. Mix the blackberries (it doesn’t matter if they’re fresh or thawed frozen ones) with a blender stick and pass them through a fine mesh sieve. You should end up with 150 g blackberry purée. Combine sugar and water in a small pan and bring up to a boil. Let the syrup gently simmer for a few minutes to dissolve the sugar and get rid of as much water as possible. Let the syrup cool for just a few minutes before combining with the purée. Let the blackberry syrup come down in temperature and place it in the fridge or freezer in order to get super cool. The reason for why I’m not throwing both berries and sugar into a pan is because I want the fresh blackberry flavor instead of the cooked one. By making the purée raw and by melting the sugar separately I’m achieveing a taste that is closer to raw than cooked berries even though the berries will get some heat from the sugar syrup.

Drink. Freshly squeeze some lemon juice and sieve it through a sieve to get rid of any pips and pulp. Combine blackberry syrup, rum and lemon juice and divide it into 4 glasses. The leftover blackberry purée can be used over your breakfast oatmeal or yoghurt. Top with sparkling water and ice and give it a few turns with a spoon to combine the water with the rest of the ingredients. But be careful, you do not want to ruin the sparkling bubbles, so no more stirring than necessary. Garnish with lemon and blackberries and enjoy the drink while ice cold.





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