The 1st Post – Sourdough Baguettes with Wild Garlic Pesto, Salami and Brie

I’m super-duper-mega excited!!! Now is the time for me to finally publish my first post. I have been thinking and fantasizing over what to write but I’ve decided to keep things simple; no frills, no fancy garnishes, and no time consuming labor in front of the stove. I promise to give you all of that later. But today I´ll keep it simple and present you with a baguette filled with wild garlic pesto, salami and Brie. Super tasty and super yummy in all its effortlessness!

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window the whole ground were covered in snow. What a disappointment! Where is the spring? The sun was on the other hand shining from a clear blue sky so I and my love decided to go out for a long walk. After a two hour stroll, a trip to the cinema and a shopping spree in our favorite supermarket Cajsa Warg we came home and felt very pleased with the day.

With us from the spree we had a bunch of wild garlic. Such a primeur; it tastes like a mix between garlic and chives. I´m glad there is sun and heat in other parts of Sweden because otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do this lovely wild garlic pesto.

The wild garlic can be used in many other dishes and works splendidly both in vegetarian food but also alongside meat, chicken and fish. Toss this wild garlic pesto with pasta or new potatoes or spread it, like me, on a piece of good bread. Adjust the amount of oil after your own liking and use high quality olive oil for this purpose. Wild garlic could be quite over powering so if you find the pesto a little bitter or tarte add a pinch of salt and it will make all the difference.

If you for some strange reason don’t like salami you could switch it for a cured ham or some smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon. Fried aubergine and mozzarella or broad beans mixed with cream cheese and some parmesan would be two great vegetarian alternatives together with the pesto.

And yes, you can have sandwiches on a Saturday evening =P

Sourdough Baguettes with Wild Garlic Pesto, Salami and Brie

This baguette fits every occasion; breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or picnic. A big baguette serves 2-4 people depending on how hungry you are.


Wild Garlic Pesto
100 g wild garlic
40 g pine nuts
25 g parmesan cheese
100 g olive oil
Black pepper

1 baguette (approx. 400 g)
100 g Brie
70 g Salami Milano (or whatever floats your boat)
Wild garlic pesto
Bell pepper
Romane lettice

Oven: 125 °C

How to do:

Pesto: Rinse the wild garlic and place it in a food processor or in a pestle of mortar together with grated parmesan and pine nuts and mash it together. When the wild garlic is divided into smaller pieces it’s time to add the olive oil. In this recipe I used 100 g oil but if you want a firmer pesto you simply just leave some of the oil out or if you want a runnier version just add an extra glug. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Baguettes: Warm the baguette in the oven for a few minutes to get that wonderful newly baked feeling. Cut it open lengthwise and spread it with butter and garlic pesto. Rinse the salad and place it inside the baguette together with the salami and some slices of Brie. Finish everything of with some sliced cucumber and bell pepper.

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