Cheat’s Peking Duck in False Pancakes

It´s like an infirmary here and it has been so for several weeks. Luckily there is only I who am sick and complaining over sinusitis and head aches. But one sick person in the house is more than enough! Miraculously Stefan is doing fine and he doesn’t get sick even though we are hugging a lot and eat from each other’s plates =P

It´s extra important with delicious, nutritious and easily prepared food when you’re sick. I believe you could get well again just by eating things you really like. So everyone who is under the weather should treat themselves with something delicious while recovering in bed. That’s my simple remedy!

This dish is super simple and you could whip it up in just 15 minutes. It´s the ultimate get-well-soon- and weekday-savior dish. But it´s also a perfect way to vary the tedious store bought Friday-night-taco (or taco Tusday if you live outside Sweden). Asian, spicy, quick, easy and maybe the best of all – so freaking delish!

Cheat’s Peking Duck in False Pancakes – 8 tortillas/4persons

This is the fakiest (I know that word doesn’t exists, but it sounds quite cute =) version of Peking duck and pancakes you will ever stumble across. The duck is replaced by chicken and the pancakes have been swapped for tortillas. The dinner will be finished in just under 15 minutes.


500 g chicken thighs
1 leek 1
2 garlic cloves
2 tsp runny honey
1 tbsp sesame oil
4 tbsp hoisin sauce + extra for serving
Neutral oil
White pepper

8 tortillas
Sesame seeds
1 small cucumber
1 head of Iceberg- or Romaine lettuce

Oven: 125 °C

How to do:

Roast the sesame seeds in a hot dry pan until golden. Remove from the pan and let cool on a plate. Cut the chicken into small strips and fry them in a quite hot pan in some neutral oil. Rinse the leek and shred it rather thin. Use both the green and white parts of the leek. Deseed the cucumber and slice it in thin rods, wash and slice/tear the salad and finely shop the garlic. When the chicken starts to brown add half the leeks and the garlic and lower the heat. Fry for about a minute and add honey, sesame oil and hoisin sauce. Simmer for a few minutes and add freshly ground white pepper and salt to taste. But be cautious with the salt since the hoisin sauce already is quite salty. Warm the tortilla in a 125 °C hot oven for about a minute, this is a quick way to spice up store bought tortilla and will contribute to an almost newly baked feeling. Put some lettuce, cucumber and stewed chicken on a tortilla, top with the fresh leek, sesame seeds and some extra hoisin sauce. Wrap it up and enjoy!

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  • Cecilia

    Mums! Det här kan man nog lätt göra vegetariskt, bara byta ut kycklingen. Kanske mot tofu eller marinerad quorn? Har du provat att göra egna tortillabröd? Det önskar jag recept på! De man köper är så trista och håller tyvärr nästan hur länge som helst……
    Jättefin blogg! Kram cecila

    • Millan

      Det här är verkligen mumsigt! Jag tror att tofu är ett jättebra alternativ till kycklingen =P Jag har aldrig gjort egna tortillabröd, men det står hög upp på to-do-listan och när jag har testat så kommer resultatet självklart att hamna här på bloggen. Ett tips för att piffa till köpetortilla är att värma dem i ugnen, 125 grader i någon minut, och sedan förvara i en handduk, då blir de nästan som nybakta. Att steka tortillas i lite neutral olja tills de fått fin färg och är krispiga är också jättegott. Fast då blir bröden hårda och kan inte användas till wraps, men till andra typer av taco-rätter är det super! Roligt att du gillar bloggen =) Många kramar