Frozen Watermelon and Strawberry Drink

Holy smoke, it´s hot today! But I shouldn’t complain since we have winter the major part of the year. Me and Stefan just got home after a hot ride. To practice driving in a car without air condition isn´t the brightest idea we have had on a warm summer day 😉 Luckily we had some watermelon in the freezer just waiting for us to get home. Along with some strawberry syrup, lime juice and soda we got ourselves some refreshing drinks to sip on at the balcony.

This drink is the perfect thirst quencher and a must in the summer heat. If you want to spice things up a little you could just add a splash of vodka.


Frozen Watermelon and Strawberry Drink – 2 Glasses


200 g watermelon
110 g strawberry syrup 1
25 g lime juice
200 g Sprite (or other equivalent soft drink) 2

How to do:

Mix the watermelon, strawberry syrup and lime juice until sluch consistency. Divide the mixture into two glasses and top everything off with some soda.

1 Strawberry syrup = koncentrerad jordgubbssaft (1+4)
2 Sockerdricka eller Fruktsoda är utmärkta substitut.



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