French Toast Croissant with Whipped Lemon Butter Cream Cheese and Lavender Honey

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you think or hope it should. Sometimes life gives you lemons, and everything seems like a struggle. And other times you just have flow. The kind of flow that makes things pass by in a twinkle and with such ridiculous ease; you don’t have to think about what you’re doing and all of a sudden it’s midnight without you even realizing it. But there will always be moments when life is hard and everything seems overwhelming. I try to be thankful for those hard times and turn them into something good (even though it’s difficult to see the positivity in the dark); because difficulties makes you grow. The bumpy path is also one way to go, even though it might take longer time and be tougher and more emotional than the straight forward highway. I think the struggles will make you tougher in the long run; you will learn and reflect on life and get insights you wouldn’t possess if things would have come to you the easy way. When you’re in the middle of the storm it’s difficult to see the sunshine but I believe it will rise again, maybe not today, and not tomorrow but one day it will shine. Some people have to take the bumpy path more often than others, and that might seem unfair, but in the end I think the tough moment’s makes you grow as a person.

The last weeks have really been a roller coaster with many ups and downs; ups that have taken me high up and downs that have made me really low, moody, tired and emotional. That’s at least how I react when many strong and overwhelming feelings strikes in a short amount of time. But that’s life! Sometimes it sucks and sometimes it lifts you up with so much power and joy.

But let’s focus on the recipe instead; because today I have a real goodie to present you with. It’s French Toast Croissant with Whipped Lemon Butter Cream Cheese and Lavender Honey!! These croissants are indescribably tasty, posh and they look so sophisticated (much more than they claim to). And you don’t have to put too much effort into the making. 20 minutes of work plus some extra time for the croissants to soak up the batter and get really soggy. That’s it! It’s best to use stale croissants, so if you have some over from the day before it’s perfect. Otherwise just use fresh ones that you let sit on the counter-top for an hour to make them go just a bit dry. Cut the croissants in half, lengthwise, to increase the surface area and make them suck up even more of that lovely vanilla flavored batter. I let mine soak for about one hour but a few minutes on each side will do the work as well. Soggy is in most cases a negative word to me. I’m that kind of person who hates when the cereal sucks up the milk and gets all mushy (I know I’m weird and most of you probably disagree with me), or when you do a picnic-sandwich with tomatoes and the juices starts to soften the bread and the cheese. Not pleasant! But in this case soggy is good and exactly what you want to achieve. The sogginess will transform your croissants into something amazing, but first they need a round in the frying pan with a knob of butter.

The fig, lavender, honey, lemon combo came to me out of nowhere or more precisely when I save the lavender in my parents’ garden. It might sound like a weird combination of flavors, but trust me on this one… it will make your taste buds tingle! I actually surprised and exceeded my own, Stefan’s’ and my parents’ expectations with these flavors. Okay, I should admit that my hopes weren’t too high when I created this dish. I mean what could come out of flavors like this? But now I’m baffled. It’s amazing! Plus it’s always nice when things surpass your expectations particularly with this much ample.

As you already know food is a big part of my life. Food will always be a way for me to forget the surroundings and just focus on what’s fun. When life is hard a nice meal together with your love, a baking-therapy-session or blog writing can feel like a big release – and make life at least a bit easier.


French Toast Croissant with Whipped Lemon Butter Cream Cheese and Lavender Honey – 4 Servings

This weekend breakfast or dessert is out of this world. The flavors might be unusual, but trust me; they’ll work so well together and are just pure magic to your mouth and your soul.


French Toast
4 croissants
2 eggs
100 g milk (1 dl)
1 pinch vanilla powder
Butter, salted, for frying

Lemon Butter Cream Cheese
200 g cream cheese (1 package)
50 g butter, salted at room temperature
50 g powder sugar (barely 1 dl)

To Serve
2 lemons, zest + 20 g juice
80 g runny honey (½ dl)
4+6 sprigs lavender
250 g figs (4 pieces)


French Toast. Cut the croissants lengthwise in half. Combine egg, milk and a pinch of vanilla in a wide tray or dish. Place the croissants in the batter and let them soak for at least a few minutes or up to an hour and a half. Turn them over and let them soak on the other side. Fry the croissants on medium to low heat in a knob of butter for about 5 minutes per side or until golden and crisp.

Lemon Butter Cream Cheese. Add diced room tempered butter to a bowl and great over the zest of two lemons and squeeze out 20 g lemon juice. When using lemon zest in a recipe it’s important to wash the lemons carefully to get rid of as much pesticides as possible or preferably use organic ones. Use an electrical whisk and beat together butter, lemon and powder sugar until fluffy. Add cream cheese and whisk for another minute until a creamy, airy mousse is formed.

To Serve. Rip the small flower buds off the stem of 4 lavenders. Crumble them between your fingers and mix them with the honey. Gently heat up the honey just a bit so it’s easier to drizzle over the French toast. Cut the figs into bite size pieces. Assemble the dish by serving up 2 newly fried, yet warm croissant halves per portion. Add a few dollops of lemon butter cream cheese, figs and a good drizzle of honey over the top. Rip the flowers off of another 6 sprigs of lavender and scatter them over the croissants.




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