Cucumber Basil Summer Mocktail

Summer, sun and long bright days – this calls for nice drinks at the balcony. Refreshing drinks with lots of ice! Like this one with cucumber, basil, lemon, lime, honey and sparkling water. “Cucumber in drinks?”, you may ask. It’s splendid – it gives a fresh and cooling effect that’s perfect for summer days like this, I promise! “And the basil?”, you may ask. Well… it actually gives the drink a really nice twist. Other herbs are often used in lemonades, cordials and cocktails (think mint and lemon balm for example) so why not add basil. If you want a drink flavored with delicate herbs you can just muddle them straight into the drink or as a I did in this case – give them a round with the hand blender. If you on the other hand want the taste of a woody herbs like rosemary, I recommend making an simple syrup infused with that particular herb so you just get the taste without the tough parts.

Did I mention that is a mocktail? Aka a drink without alcohol. Because if you skip the booze you can have more and bigger drinks. Besides you can enjoy a nice beverage even though you’re getting up early for work the next morning. And that’s always nice. Isn’t it? And top your drink off with loads and loads of ice because these frozen cubes are essential if you want to stay cool in the summer heat.

I’ve been having a prolonged cold so there’s been a lot of tea for me lately but now I’m better and more than ready for something super refreshing and summery. Gosh I’ve been longing for chilled drinks! But a soar throat and a lost voice doesn’t go very well with cool summer drinks. But now I’m ready! So bring on the the ice cold drinks!




Cucumber Basil Summer Mocktail – 2 Big Drinks

There is nothing better than a refreshing drink on a warm summers day. This particular one has a nice twist with cucumber and basil. It might sound weird but I promise – it’s divine.


250 g cucumber
25 g basil
30 g lemon juice
30 lime juice
60 g runny honey
200 g sparkling water
Ice cubs


Cut the cucumber in big chunks and place them in a bowl together with basil, honey and lime- and lemon juice. Use a hand blender and mix until a smooth pure is formed. If you want an even smoother texture you can strain the pure through a fine mesh sieve. Divide into two glasses and top with sparkling water and lots of ice.





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