Lecture in Grythyttan – Ice Cream and Sorbet

Grythyttan is every foodie’s wet dream. It was a privilege studying there for three years but I think I enjoy the school and the picturesque little village even more now when we returned there for a few days for a lecture in ice cream and sorbet making. Being away from it sort of made me […]


The New Face of Tingling Taste – We Celebrate with Pancakes

The time has come! It’s finally here – the relaunch of Tingling Taste (♪♫ fanfare ♪♫)! I or maybe I should say we, because now Stefan has joined me in the blog world, are very excited to run this site together. There are many ideas in the pipe and much new food to explore. So […]


Successful Party

This week has been extremly intense and super fun to live through. It’s not until now when I’m relaxing that I feel how tired I really am. Zombie alert with a big “Z” – that’s about how exhausted I am. The reason for my tiredness is Johan’s 50 year’s anniversary yesterday. I wasn’t partying, not […]