Brownie Cake with Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Pistachio and Caramelized Chocolate Mousse Filling

The cake I made for Walpurgis Night turned out even better than expected. It was a real success!!! And because of the amazing result I will now share the recipe with you.

I honestly didn´t think I was a cake lover but this brownie cake with raspberries, passion fruit, pistachios and chocolate mousse filling really changed my mind. I´m converted and am now a true member of the cake-fan-club =P There is nothing more to say than – Yummmy! The chewy, gooey brownie bottom meets airy, velvety smooth chocolate mousse and crispy nuts. Flavour-wise it lacks nothing, it has fruity freshness, rich chocolate, sweet caramel and salty nuts – as I said this cake has everything.

I served this cake to my love and our beautiful friend Cecilia and both of them adored it. We even had it for breakfast, because that’s what you can do when you’re a grown up with a young heart. My parents would never allow me to have cake for breakfast with the exception of my birthday – but now we took the chance =) The only thing which could have improved the cake slightly would have been if the jam and the raspberries used for decoration were wild. Forest grown berries have a larger flavor range than store bought – they are simply sweeter and less acid than the fast-growing ones from the shop.

We leaved the leftovers at Cecilia’s house, because no matter how good the cake was we couldn’t get one more bite down. Beside I knew Cecilia’s boyfriend wanted a slice. So one bite went into her fridge in anticipation of her boyfriend and the other slice went into her freezer – ready for a cake-craving-day to strike. She later told me that her boyfriend liked the cake so bad he wanted to consume it all at once. In other words – the frozen slice didn´t last for long =)

And lastly a note of caution; do not try to smear all the mousse over the cake, I tried and it didn´t turn out well! I thought I managed to make a really nice looking cake but I was wrong, because as soon as I turned my back to catch the camera the whole cake was tilting and sliding of the stand. There were more mousse on the stand than on the actual cake and the raspberries were slipping away alongside the cakes edges. No it´s ruined!!! It has collapsed! Luckily for me and the high set aesthetic expectations I had for this cake I managed to fix it. The reparation succeeded! But it wasn´t easy, I had to scrape some of the mousse of the cake smooth out the edges with a pallet knife and push back the raspberries on top. And with the right amount of mousse the cake was super stable, it even managed the car trip to Cecilia’s house without a single scratch. So when making this cake use about 2/3 of the mousse. The leftovers are great to eat just as they are or with some toasted salted nuts.

Oh… one last thing; many THANKS to Ia Ahlsgård, the head baker at PM & Vänner Bröd & Sovel  who shared the chocolate mousse recipe with me. I´ve been making this mousse many times and will probably soon make it again =)


Brownie Cake with Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Pistachio and Caramelized Chocolate Mousse Filling – 12 pieces

A rich chocolate cake with fruity notes from raspberries and passion fruit that won´t let you down. It´s delicious in every way and you just wish to have room for just one more slice.


115 g butter
100 g dark chocolate
75 g light muscovado sugar (1 ½ dl)
70 g caster sugar (approx. ¾ dl)
2 eggs (large)
150 g plain flour (2 ½ dl )
20 g cocoa
3 ml baking soda
50 g raspberries (it doesn´t matter if they are fresh or fro*en)

Plain flour

Caramelized Chocolate Mousse
60 g cater sugar
130+410 g cream (36 % fat)
1 egg yolk
170 g milk chocolate (i used Valrhonas Jivara Lait Milk 40 %)
1 sheet of gelatin

Caramelized passion fruits
80 g caster sugar
30 g glucose
4 passion fruits

Raspberry jam
250 g raspberries (it doesn´t matter if they are fresh or frozen)
125 g jam sugar 1
50 g caster sugar

Chocolate mousse
Caramelized passion fruits
Raspberry jam
Fresh raspberries
Salted pistachios
Lemon balm 2

Oven: 175 °C

How to do:

Brownie: Line a round (15 cm) cake tin with butter and flour. Melt the butter and chocolate on low heat in a pan or in the microwave. Remember to stir every now and then because you don´t want to end up with burnt chocolate. Whip the caster- and moscovado sugar with the eggs until light and fluffy. Combine the egg mixture with the melted chocolate and butter. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and sift into the batter. Fold everything together with a whisk or a spatula until you have a smooth lump free batter. Pour the mixture into the mold, even it out and distribute the raspberries evenly over the cake. Press the raspberries down in the batter so they don´t get too much color in the oven. Bake for about 45 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out just slightly sticky. Let the brownie cool in room temperature before placing it into the fridge. A cooled brownie is much easier to cut into cake bases.

Chocolate Mousse: Place the sugar in a pan together with a few drops of water and cook on medium heat until golden. It´s important not to stir the sugar while melting because it could contribute to lumps of crystalized sugar. If the sugar accidently forms crystals you have to start all over. Meanwhile heat 130 g cream in another pan. When the sugar is caramelized to your liking (a light caramel is sweeter while a dark has more bitter tones) pour the hot cream over to stop the browning process and stir. The caramel-cream might spit and bubble so be careful not to burn yourself. If caramel lumps are forming just leave the mixture on the hob until melted. Chop the chocolate and soak the gelatin in cold water. Combine the caramel mixture with the egg yolk and heat to 83 °C while whisking. Take the pan of the heat, squeeze the water out of the gelatin and add to the caramel. Stir to make sure the gelatin is melted and well allocated in the mix. Pour the mixture over the chocolate and stir until all chocolate is melted. Whip the remaining cream to soft peaks (peaks that only holds its shape for a few seconds before collapsing). Fold the cream into the chocolate, using a spatula, in 3 stages, using 1/3 of the cream at the time. It´s important to fold in the cream – do not stir or whip. The folding makes you maintain as much air as possible, and the light airiness is the whole point with a mousse. Transfer the mousse into 2 piping bags, one attached with a star formed nozzle for making decorations on top of the cake. Let the mousse set in the fridge for at least 5 hours.

Caramelized Passion Fruits: Cut the passion fruits opened and scrape out the juice and the seeds in a small container. Pour sugar, glucose and a few drops of water into a pan and simmer on medium heat until nicely golden. And just as when making the caramel for the chocolate mousse it´s important not to stir to avoid crystallization. When the caramel is browned to your liking add the passion fruit and stir. If some of the caramel solidifies in the bottom of the pan when adding the cold passionfruit you simply place the mixture on the heat and let the caramel melt. Pour the caramelized passion fruits in a small jar or container and store in the fridge.

Raspberry Jam: Add raspberries, sugar and jam sugar in a pan and place it on the stove. Cook the jam on medium heat. When it starts to boil, turn the heat down a few steps for a gentler boil and leave it there for about 3-5 minutes. Skim of the foam that forms on the surface, this foam contains impurities such as protein and dirt and if not removed this will reduce the shelf life of the jam. If you plan to end the jam in about a week this step isn´t necessary but if you wish to store it for a longer period I recommend to skim of the foam with a spoon. Pour the jam into a jar or a container and keep it in the fridge.

Assembling: Cut the brownie into 3 bases using a bread knife. Start by making 2 small groves around the bottom as marks. When you measured out 3 leveled bases you could start cutting all the way through, spinning the cake every now and then to make sure you follow the lines. Pipe a rim of chocolate mouse alongside the edges of the bottommost cake, this will work as a frame to keep the filling in the right place, and fill the center with raspberry jam (use about ½ a batch, 150-200 g). Take the next bottom and place it on top, repeat the piping process but this time you fill out the middle part with caramelized passion fruits instead of jam (about ½ a batch, 150 g). Place the uppermost bottom on top of everything and start fixing the sides of the cake. Take the piping bag and pipe out a small amount of mousse; spread it evenly all over the cake (both top and sides) by using a small pallet knife. Place the cake in the fridge and let it set for about 10 minutes. Repeat the process about 3- 4 times until you have used about ½ the batch (approx. 400 g). Take the piping bag with the star nozzle and make a pattern of your choice on top of the cake. I made small star shaped dots alongside the edge as a rim and filled the center with raspberries, roughly chopped pistachios and a few leaves of lemon balm.

1 Jam sugar (or Syltsocker in Swedish) contains pectine, citric acid and the preservative sodium benzoate which improves the jams consistensy and shelf life

2 Lemon balm = citronmeliss 

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