Buckwheat Waffles

Just a little notice! It’s the Waffle Day today and I hope you are celebrating it big time. Now days there are food holidays literally every single day. Some of them are dearer to us than others, and in our little family and in the major part of Sweden; the Waffle Day is one such. […]



Granola, plain yoghurt and some berries or fruits must be the ultimate start of the day. Or maybe that’s just my humble opinion? Anyway, this is how most of my breakfasts look like. I love long and cozy breakfasts with eggs, bacon, pancakes, grilled sandwiches and things like that. But those kinds of items only […]

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Pancake Day!!! Gluten- and Lactose Free Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday! Pancake Day! Semmel Day! Yep, there will be a lot of celebrating today at least for some of us. We will actually only praise the pancake since none of us embraces Christianity and none of us are a fan of semlor (a cream and almond paste filled bun flavored with cardamom, sometimes served […]


Eat Cheap Episode 3 – Tortellini, Spinach and Bacon Gratin

Let’s take a look at the third recipe in our “Eat Cheap”-series where we cook up proper meals for the whole family to a cost of 8 EUR or less (75 SWE or 9 USD). If you missed earlier episodes you can find them here: Eat Cheap Episode 1 – Asian Style Carrot Soup Eat […]


How to get the Pocket Inside the Pita Bread

Every time I had pita bread as a child I was wondering how that hollow pocket got in there. It must be some sort of magic! Or maybe not… now when I have baked my one pita pockets I know that it’s just simple food science that creates this hollow interior. But I have to […]