What is Tingling Taste?

You know this intense sensation of when you put something utterly delicious in your mouth? When all your taste buds stand on end and your mind almost goes haywire from all your senses sending a multitude of signals to your brain – like small explosions on your tongue! Tingles, doesn’t it? 🙂

Our goal with this blog is to provide the inspiration and the knowledge to you, so you can produce these gastronomic experiences for yourself, your friends and your family. This is what we mean with our motto – Treats to the People!


We are located in Stockholm, Sweden and have a newly founded company – Tingling Taste HB. Both of us have been studying Culinary Arts and Hospitality Science at Grythyttan – Örebro University. It was also at this place where we met and became a couple. So you could actually say it was the food that brought us together.

In the future we plan to offer catering for smaller events, as well as giving lectures on gastronomy. These services will only be offered in Sweden. In addition to this we plan to globally offer freelance services in the form of exclusive recipes and other forms of gastronomic journalism. And our blog will of course be freely available for everyone! If you are already interested in our services, please feel free to contact us through our contact form!


MeI’m Emilia, a foodie from inside and out who love everything that involves food in one way or another. I love eating food, smelling food and even listening to food (you know that crunchy sound that occurs when biting into a crisp).

On this blog I will virtually write about everything that is food related. Recipes, eating out, food hacks, trends, cooking techniques, reviews on different products, and much more. In short I will let you know what’s happening in our kitchen and the food world around us.

Except from being a true food lover I also enjoy photography, writing and having friends over for dinner. One day I decided to merge all these interests together – and so Tingling Taste was born. And since you found you way to this blog I guess we have a few things in common.


Stefan-5My name is Stefan and I have too many fields of interests to list them all. Gastronomy is one of them, but I also have a hand in science and technology. Fortunately this mix is ideal for blogging, and I hope to put all my different skills to use by producing content for this site. Other interests range from (but are not limited to!) photography, interior design, 3D-modelling and writing.

I like experimenting with recipes, develop new dishes and questioning old “truths”. Do you have any idea how many kitchen myths there are out there?! I can promise you there are many, even among seasoned chefs. No, searing the meat does not seal in the juices. No you don’t have to use a special yeast when baking cinnamon rolls. No, a higher fat content doesn´t necessarily make your dish creamier. You can expect many “How to’s” from me, as well as myth busting food science, a few of our own blind test results on different products and perhaps the occasional rant.

My passion in life is to teach others what I know, and based on feedback it seems I have a knack for it! Nothing is secret, everything must be shared with anyone who is interested. I believe it is by sharing our knowledge with the world and by pushing innovation that we can move ourselves forward.